About Us

Uganda Youth Society for Human Rights [UYOSHUR] is an Independent, Nonpartisan, Not for profit Youth led Human Rights Non-government organization founded by a group of youth leaders and young professionals against the background of the increasing ignorance of youth in issues of Human Rights and the law. As a national organization, UYOSHUR draws her members from all the regions of the country and membership is by either organizations or individuals who share in the vision of UYOSHUR.

The organization works in partnership with other youth bodies both at national and international level to effectively foster her programs. UYOSHUR makes efforts to integrate community participation in the planning, management, implementation and monitoring of her programs. The participation of community beneficiaries gives community the ownership of the effective and sustainable program.

Target: UYOSHUR targets Slum dwellers, Street children, Refugees, Housemaids and Houseboys, youth in petty business E.g. hawkers, boda boda and tax drivers, youth with disability, Victims of gender based violence, Young single mothers, sex workers, youth in politics and Young human rights activists in civil society.