Our Team

UYOSHUR’s organization structure comprises of the General Assembly (GA) members that meets regularly to review and approve policies and programs; the Board of Directors (BOD) who meet quarterly to review programs, financial and administrative practices and to review policies and provide oversight support to the management and as well as make appropriate recommendations to the GA.
The Board of Directors and management hold a joint retreat every year to reflect on the annual strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. The management oversees the day to day implementation of the programs and holds monthly meetings and provides quarterly reports to the BOD.

The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors meets quarterly to review organizational progress and are elected by the General Assembly every three years for a maximum of two terms in office.
The current Board of Directors comprises of qualified, experienced and technical members in program development, monitoring and evaluation and financial monitoring.

Chairman Board of Directors
Vice Chairperson Board of Directors
Committee Member
Committee Member
Committee Member

Staff Members

The management of UYSHR is comprised of 5 members who oversee the day to day implementation of the programs on behalf of the Board of Directors.

Executive Director
Programs Manager
Saddam is an enthusiastic, energetic & ambitious hardworking person who has... More Info.
Finance and administration Manager
Governance and Advocacy officer
IT officer
Research and Bussiness Development officer
Ass. P. O. Climate Change & incharge of partnerships
Ismail Hassan is also incharge of partnerships on top of being the Ass prog... More Info.