Speech at the UBOs climate change conference


UYOSHOR Programs Manager Mr. Saddam Hussein presenting this speech during a Climate Change Conference held at Statistics House, Kampala, Uganda.

Well aware of the dramatic dire consequences of climate change like devastating floods, drought, poor health and agriculture as a result of hash weather. Uganda youth society for human rights in partnership with the German federation has made it possible for us to cause awareness and find solutions for climate change negative impacts. I thank the German Embassy and its leadership for accepting the international role and commitment in supporting countries to promote climate friendly economy and strategic carbon emission reduction and as well meeting its own international obligation of reducing carbon missions and global temperatures to 2.Co degrees by 2050.

Climate change is a reality and it is happening, the garbage, deforestation and congestion we see in Kampala is not because of climate change but it’s because of population pressure. Climate change is as a result of human activities like factories and fossil gases generated in the atmosphere, only renewable energy resources like solar, wind energy, Bio gas, and planting more trees can be the best mitigation strategies to mitigate climate change. The COP21 gave the world a new hope that with all countries commitment, climate change shall be history in the next decades. Together we must rise up against any form of inaction and agree to adjust in living a green life, the climate change impacts affects sectors life health, Agriculture, infrastructure, revenue and many others that directly affect the lives of people
By 2030 Africa can shall have enough energy tapped from clean renewable energy sources if the governments decide to invest its money rightly.

Whereas 1 African person generates 0.5 carbon emission in the atmosphere, 1 American person generates 10 tons of carbon emissions in the atmosphere but that is not a reason for African countries to fail to act because the impacts of climate change are faced by even those counties that are the least contributors to Greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.