Uganda Youth Society for Human Rights Well Represented at two Major Youth Summits

Uganda youth society for human rights as an organizations which strategically deals with youth issues which range from Human Rights, climate change, youth entrepreneurship, youth participation in democratic governance, anti-corruption and youth access to justice, we endeavor to succeed in our focused areas by engaging youth through diverse approaches which include but not limited to, trainings, dialogues, discussions, mentorships, conferences as a means of identifying youth issues and generating solutions to their problems.

In that spirit Uganda youth society for human rights through its programs Manager Kiiza Saddam Hussein represented us to the two major youth summits that is the Youth Connekt Summit held from 19 July – 21 July 2017 in Kigali and the Commonwealth youth ministers meeting held from 31st July – 04 August 2017 in Kampala Uganda. The youth Connekt summit brought together world leaders in business, agriculture, politics, Art and innovation which a larger proportion belonged to the youth age brackets. As the theme of the Africa youth connekt summit was “from potential to success” a number of topics were discussed in order to mobilize resources needed to empower youth as stakeholders in realizing of Agenda 2030 and Agenda 2064 the former set by United Nations while the later set by African Union.

Through open discussions, our representative Kiiza Saddam called on the public and private stakeholders to support youth by enabling them access funding for their initiatives and projects that would transform them from being seen as mare beneficiaries to potential partners to success in advancing sustainable development goals. Projects and Programmes were launched which would convert youth into strong pillar of economic and social development. For example more that 10 million dollar was pledged by Jack Ma the chairman of Alibaba Group to support youth endeavoring in online marketing and other academic and innovative programs. The African American renowned musician called Akon pledged his support to youth engaging in Agriculture and Music Industry. Also incubation centers received support as a means of boosting innovation, finally the host president Paul Kagame who is seen as a role module of youth supporter and a pro African development pledged more support for youth Programmes and ventures.

At the commonwealth Youth ministers meeting, youth leaders from 52 countries representing over 1.2 billion youth population in the commonwealth come to the conference. The young role model leaders were selected from overarching fields of politics, civil society, business, health, ICT, agriculture and other fields convened to gather at the Munyonyo Commonwealth resort in Uganda for 5 days discussing and deliberating on different issues that affect youth and the way forward, the theme was Resourcing and Financing Youth Development: Empowering Youth , by the conclusion of the summit, an all embracing across sectional resolutions had been passes by the youth ministers to the CHOGM heads of state for endorsement and later implementation, these resolutions included:
a. National development plans and policies of governments should include clearly defined and appropriate commitments for investment in youth.
b. More consideration be given to increasing government’s investment in young people’s needs, including increased budgetary and non-budgetary allocations to youth ministries and exploring innovative financing mechanisms;
c. Government priorities the collection of relevant youth-specific data to inform investment and policy-making in youth development, including through mandatory gathering of age and gender-disaggregated data in the national census;
d. Governments take steps to optimize the regulatory framework and enabling environment for businesses and encourage them to adopt sustainable and socially responsible policies and practices for the empowerment of the young people.
e. Using a south-south cooperation model, governments must harness and leverage of the commonwealth to facilitate the exchange of knowledge, best practices and technical assistance related to youth development among member countries.
f. Governments ensure that new and existing international financing pools, such as those related to climate, humanitarian and disaster risk reduction, are made accessible to and impactful for young people, and that youth is mainstreamed throughout all funded projects;
g. Governments make efforts to make global trade, financial and investment agreements conducive to the promotion of youth development and empowerment through impact assessment, as well as targeted incentives and investments, capacity building and participation of young people in global supply chains and local content provisions;
h. That the commonwealth secretariat and the CYP(commonwealth youth programme) be empowered and appropriately funded to support the capacity development of member governments through the provision of technical assistance, policy guidance, toolkits and data analysis.

Kiiza through the youth panel discussion recommended that a Commonwealth Youth Development bank be established in all member countries as the main financer of youth ventures and this issue was reechoed in the press conference before the secretary general and was well received and got backing from youth as one means of channeling youth funds to support youth Programmes.

BY: Kiiza Saddam Hussein
Programs manager (UYSHR)