UYSHR employs litigation, strategically to benefit a large number of people

Representation in court is often the last resort in circumstances where simpler and cheaper interventions have failed. Where necessary, the organization also employs litigation, strategically to benefit a large number of people.

Furthermore, the organization engages in Identification and creating networks of community youth paralegals who are then trained in basics of criminal law, court procedures, mediation skills and voluntarism. They are then loosely attached to local councils and local police posts to advise youth with legal challenges to access justice.

Some of our paralegals have testified how they access police cells to sensitize pretrial detainees on their rights such as how to apply for a police bond, training them to file their own applications for release and represent themselves in court.

At UYOSHUR, we emphasize provision of legal information and education, giving Youth knowledge that they have rights under the law and how to exercise them. Such Knowledge and confidence can help in solving legal problems without recourse to the Courts, a cost-effective and empowering strategy. This is perceived as the cheapest and simplest form of legal aid.

Legal advice (explaining what the law means and how to exercise it in relation to a Concrete problem). Understood as helping a person to take legal steps to protect their rights, is often less costly than providing assistance.